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Jack is a professional counselor with over 30 years of experience. In addition to private practice, he has worked extensively in addictions recovery, mental health, and hospice. He enjoys presenting and facilitating experiences that enable people to know their worth and to recover their ability to care for themselves. His presentations are based on his own personal and professional experience and are very real, fun, practical and inspiring. He is a rare mix of spirituality, psychology, traditional values and new thought.

Jack is in the Ashland, Oregon area. Email Jack to make an appointment or get more information.

Learn about Jack’s new book: Tending Our Grief, A Guide for Your Journey.

Programs by Jack

Discover the Creator in You
Set aside days for a wonderful adventure into your Creative Self. You will have daily opportunity to express the artist within, using a variety of mediums, including watercolor, pastels, acrylics, pencil and charcoal. Instruction will be given in technique, form, perspective, composition. Each day you will be trained in the ancient Chinese art of qigong (chee gong), which will energize and relax your body. You will participate each day in meditation and imagery to nurture and heal your soul, and receive loving support from your group of fellow creators. A healthy, delicious lunch will be served each day. All art materials will be provided.
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I See You! Self-Care for the Professional
You are a professional, so, of course, you are over-worked, over-responsible, and perhaps feeling unappreciated and a bit resentful, right? This workshop will bring you back to yourself, identify your real needs, and inspire and guide you into a practice of self-care, balance and wholeness. Many groups of teachers, medical professionals, counselors, and social workers have benefitted from this presentation. You will smile and have fun…seriously!

Grieving Our Losses Well
Sooner or later all of us will experience loss, loss of a loved one, a job, a home, health, a relationship, but few of us are prepared for our reaction to these losses. This presentation and workshop prepares, educates, comforts and enables participants to grieve well. The information is based on Jack’s experience working in hospice and counseling practice.

The Power of Blessing
The Prodigal Son meets the Prodigal Daughter who meets Don Quixote and then it really gets interesting! This inspiring and entertaining presentation will help listeners feel loving toward themselves and others. It illuminates the power we each have to bless with the simplest of words and actions. It helps us identify and release our resistance to giving our gifts and receiving what others offer us. This program is suitable for a broad audience, including churches, workplaces, professional groups, and schools.

Empowering Men to Be Real
How long has it been since you sat around, or danced around, a campfire with a group of your fellow sojourners? This is a program that allows men to explore what it means to be male, to understand our role in relationships, work, and the natural world. This is a powerful experiential encounter that provides a safe place to get to know ourselves and others, support each other, and do important inner healing. It is also a fun, tribal kind of gathering, that celebrates men being men.

Qigong Training
You don’t have to be David Carradine to do this. Qigong (pronounced chee gong) is an ancient Chinese art which is the basis for Tai Chi, Tae Kwando, and Kung fu, but it is not about fighting. It is about staying healthy, flexible, strong and aware of your body. Through the practice of a variety of postures, movements and internal, meditative breathing, the “chi,” which is the life force energy in everything, is circulated more fully and powerfully through the body. This is for beginners and is easy, gentle, fun and relaxing.

Custom tailored programs can be designed for your group’s needs. email Jack for more information.

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